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Wuhan autumn tea expo 673 million yuan White tea instead of pu-erh tea into a hot spot

Date: 2015-10-31

Yesterday, the 8th wuhan autumn tea abundantmeeting MSC, attracted 150000 visitors tea liquor, signing transaction of 673 million yuan, ranked the tea show three comprehensive influence.
The wuhan autumn tea abundantmeeting main populist, tens of thousands of kinds of tea average price in 200-500 yuan/jin, the exhibition of the tea price twenty percent lower than on the market, the lowest discount ten percent, the scene of the tea abundantmeeting tea packaging is given priority to with simple and easy.
Look from the tea market, mid-range green tea sales in previous years rose by about 15%. Oolong tea market stability. Black tea is sell like hot cakes, prices rose slightly. Chasing hot spots, white tea replace pu as market value by an annual rate of 20% - 20% with age growth, 7 years of Chen tea prices at more than one thousand yuan per kilogram, especially old tree with vintage white tea tea Chen, its collection value and the "pu" ancient trees, even up to tens of thousands of yuan.
According to introducing, in hubei province is the largest tea, tea culture heritage, tea exhibition has profound development foundation, the national one of three big black tea "appropriate" black tea, red cliff of "green tea" as early as in the renowned at home and abroad. In 2014, the province tea garden area and yield are ranking third in the country, all reach the standard of agriculture pollution-free tea tea plantation area, through the green food certification, certification of organic tea enterprises first and second respectively the number of the country. Annual output value more than tea enterprise with nearly 40 of tens of millions of dollars.