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The 32nd session of autumn chrysanthemum show yesterday's launch its first making the 365 chrysanthemum appreciation expression

Date: 2015-10-31

Report from our correspondent (reporter fe Zhang Yan correspondent tang smell Zhu Shengni) yesterday, the fragrance of the city, joy, wuhan 32nd autumn chrysanthemum show kicked off. Street 2 million basin of all kinds of chrysanthemum is dressed up very beautiful city, citizens opens the annual autumn festival, startup "town chrysanthemum appreciation" mode.
Yesterday, the chrysanthemum show area ushered in the first viewing citizens. Chrysanthemum appreciation during the visitors with a variety of equipment to record the beautiful moment, first take the guest to participate in the "looking for 365 chrysanthemum appreciation expression" phone interactive activities.
50 people making the regiment PaiHua more is taken
Yesterday, in the autumn chrysanthemum show at the opening ceremony, a batch of making the first to appreciate the beauty of chrysanthemum show.
Early in the morning, the riverbank district photographer zhang would have the opening scene. He is the hardcore chrysanthemum show "fans". Chrysanthemum show the opening ceremony of the year by year in place, he would attend.
Photography enthusiasts TongHanFang yesterday also rushed to the scene. This year, TongHanFang focus on the theme of the film is "chrysanthemum appreciation". Flowers with people, he said, picture more set each other off becomes an interest.
At the opening ceremony, 50 photography enthusiasts to form a large customer group. Making the jing-wei liu and his friends party rare, "pike short gun" PaiHua not only, more to be taken.
Tourists, 1 year old boy Yi Yudong conspicuous. Grandma took him from hanyang station community to moon lake park stroll chrysanthemum show, my grandma took his "personal photo album".
Students fall in love with wuhan chrysanthemum
Chrysanthemum show the scene a few new faces, peer 7 people, all is the central China normal university students.
Pat is the most skillful of them could speak Chinese. He told reporters, the changjiang daily from the democratic republic of the Congo to study in wuhan for 3 years, to the life here, he was deeply attracted learning environment.
Pat said he like flowers, love nature, wuhan so chrysanthemum show held on a large scale to let him feel the charm of the city. "In wuhan, I saw the three session of chrysanthemum show, deeply in love with Daisy". The scene, pat to take picture with chrysanthemum, as a souvenir.
A group of running the chrysanthemum fragrance to composed of three
The autumn chrysanthemum show by the city greening committee, the city garden and jointly organized by the administration. Yesterday, 200 love jogging run the guest to the opening ceremony of the scene as a starting point, send a chrysanthemum appreciation invitation to composed of citizens.
The chrysanthemum show will continue to November 15, 7 central city and the east lake high-tech zone, east lake scenic area, dongxihu, caidian district, jiangxia district, the xinzhou district street chrysanthemum show at the venue. In addition, the chrysanthemum show will also further community, about 2 million basin chrysanthemum blooms.