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Yellow crane tower of jianghan ab han embroidery Wuhan customs have walked into the classroom

Date: 2015-10-31

Landmark wuhan yellow crane tower, jianghan, the history of the uprising began, traditional local art ab and han embroidery, young hero Lv Xi three, the modern automobile industry and bridge culture... These distinctive wuhan customs into a lot of primary school classroom, learning courses for kids.
Historical sites: yellow crane tower Jianghan shut
In wuchang, hubei province experimental primary school campus in the yellow crane tower, the teacher in the classroom teaching culture; the yellow crane tower The campus also has a lot of yellow crane tower on the panel of historical allusions; Lift Cui Hao climb yellow crane tower, the children to recite the catchy.
In shouyi block road primary school, began culture is the most traditional of school-based curriculum, school-based curriculum in 3 copies. Starting from the first grade, students will learn the revolution of "five" courses, including celebrities, address, meibutsu, scene, name. Class 1, grade five students MouYao is "began small tour guide", the school often lead other provinces and cities and Hong Kong tour began square between teachers and students. Mention uprising door, ordnance department, Peng Liuyang three martyrs, she speaks lifelike.
Wuhan guan primary school in 2005 to write the "passion" in wuhan customs school-based teaching materials, and points 6 books introduce children to jianghan shut history, river beach culture, the old French concession, wuhan food culture, etc. Each week, students have a day time to learn the local culture of wuhan of school-based curriculum knowledge. The controller introduces, the teachers often will class extends to the outside, to take the children to visit jianghan river beach and sightseeing. "Our history and culture through the wuhan jianghan customs passed to students, cultivate their love for the city and identity".
Local arts: ab han embroidery
There is a museum of ab hanyang Jiang Xin garden community. Ab is wuhan han Chinese folk dance, also is one of the dragon dance. Jiang Xin garden community nearby xiangyang school-based curriculum in elementary school have ab the folk customs. The students through the textbook knowledge, video tutorials, understand the culture of ab. Each semester, the school also borrow a gao dragon garden community, congjiang hin for senior students learning, the basic skills such as sweep, top.
Primary school of wuhan customs introduce the han embroidered the folk arts in the classroom. The school teachers to write the "sympathised with the han embroidery" school-based teaching materials, and 1 of the han culture and the basic embroidery method. In may this year, the school also set up a han embroidery pavilion, designed to display excellent han embroidery works.
Urban geography class: hundreds of lake city Haze waring
Wuhan is the city of east lake. Jianghan district elementary school in central China have a school-based course - "the protection of lakes". Course is divided into 14, were selected from 166 lakes in wuhan wuchang, hankou, hanyang, new teaching material of 14 lakes into a class a lake. Reading textbooks, wuhan, the most distinctive lakes were selected among them, including most lakes - axe lake bridge, the longest lake, west lake suozi river, lakes in most plants and animals -- a lake, etc. Each class from the history of the charm of lake, the lake, the lake scenic spots of the lake, the lake today, poems, my trip on the lake lake speech, I love action guides the student to understand the landscape of lakes and seven aspects, such as background, lead students to protect lake lake net, care for the beauty of the lake, reveals the rhyme.
With the upgrade, wuchang haze shenyang became wuhan tourism new name card. Haze waring is perfect, rich of school-based curriculum in elementary school children to the full of flavor of local historical culture and modern literature have more understanding.
Modern culture class: car bridge
The Yangtze river and hanjiang river separates three towns of wuhan. More and more in recent years, the bridge on the liangjiang, convenient for citizens to travel, also become one of the modern culture of wuhan. Wuhan first boarding school with "cultural bridge" as the theme to open a door characteristic school-based curriculum, invite China railway DaQiaoJu experts took to the podium, interpretation of the bridge for the children's knowledge, culture and history.
Rapid development of automobile industry in recent years, wuhan, wuhan development zone also known as the "hundred". Shenlong car related courses in elementary school elective course, make the students know wuhan automobile industry culture.