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The ministry of public security announced 20 types of online fraud Remind users pay attention to network security

Date: 2015-10-30

20 common type of communication network fraud, you know? Yesterday, the ministry of public security administration of public security and special action to play four black anti-pest office official weibo, "the ministry of public security to play four black anti-pest" forwarding the 20 "common communication network fraud type" list. Among them, the morning news reported recently the citizens of liu Ming was tricked into experience, it is one of 20 kinds of. At the same time, in the morning news in recent days to collect the reader feedback, there are also some scam in 20 kinds of deception. The morning paper in this remind the readers attention.
"The ministry of public security to play four black anti-pest" weibo
Jie 20 kinds of means of fraud
At about 1 PM yesterday, "the ministry of public security to play four black anti-pest" microblogging forwarding the "central plains" peace weibo content, said "with the development of the information age, network has become a new home to crook, communication network fraud cases in recent years, multiple".
Weibo also released "20 types of common communication network fraud," to remind people pay attention to network security.
20 types including "guess who I am", "pretend to be friends request remit money emergency", "false WeChat public", "false return pension, pension" and "phishing", "fiction" and "lure message", "dating", "network recruitment", "telemarketing", "false information" and "tickets" fraud, pretend to be "landlord" and "taobao brush credibility", "QQ theft behavior", "use of purchasing fraud", "using qr code fraud", "as" minor "survey", "the relative information fraud", "phone as well-known companies registered in the research site", etc.
Among them, 20 types of common for "phone as well-known companies registered in the research site" : in the well-known search site registration phone, pretend to be some well-known companies, Internet users generally in order to book a room such as contact with each other, and then complete the remittance is under the guidance of a liar.
This month 27, the morning paper reports the citizens liu Ming, because is eager to help a friend get lost in the tianhe airport luggage, in baidu search airport contact information, wrong letter false call, leading to ten thousand yuan of money was cheated.
, "the ministry of public security to play four black anti-pest" weibo in the list of common communication fraud also said, "to see if you don't know the new scam".
Special remind
Fraudsters to commodities as bait, that can give the customer rebates or price cuts, qr code to send goods, but it is a Trojan virus. Once installed, the Trojan will steal the application account, password and other personal privacy information.
In the research site registration phone pretending to be a well-known company
In the well-known search site registration phone, pretend to be some well-known companies, Internet users generally in order to book a room such as contact with each other, and then under the guidance of crooks remittance.
Taobao brush credibility
Using the act as purchasing agency fraud
Using the qr code fraud
Swindlers online "invites part-time network, help brush taobao sellers credibility, can earn commission", etc. Someone, in accordance with the requirements for each other many times shopping brush credibility. You ask then? Later are tears!
Fraudsters can claim that "overseas act as purchasing agency", the price is very favorable, as bait, discount buy on sb's behalf, after waiting for you to pay the buy on sb's behalf, swindlers will "goods were detained by the customs, to add pay tariff" and similar reason to want a pay increase, "tariff", of course, will never be not receive the goods.
Cheated through
Advance word of "kiss", "rush" alarm
Released, "the ministry of public security to play four black anti-pest" other fraud type, also have individual readers met.
20, the net friend "sunshine Liu Huan" published several microblogging, hanging out with a "center of part-time staff" chat QQ screenshots, pain network decieved part-time experience. Brush her frightened online taobao credit fraud, were tricked into 4800 yuan.
Yesterday, the reporter in touch with the net friend liu. She tells the story of his own fraud, and fraud cheat before and after "suddenly turn hostile".
Initially, she saw a microblog called "entertainment" Mr Part-time information released blogger - hiring staff taobao generation brush reputation, will require access to the Internet, free time to arrange, guaranteed wages 150-300 yuan, a day job done immediately, no default.
Then, liu as required with a QQ called "customer service - fangyuan certification authorities" QQ chat many times. Records, the "staff," said the company is mainly for the major online mall brush reputation and sales, do not confirm the goods, such as the principal and the commission merchants returned to reconfirm, gains high praise.
Each other after ask her to pay treasure to account, gave her a "task" for the first time. After she took a single, principal and the other side will really buy commission remit her pay treasure to account.
The other party promptly said, continue to help her apply for 20 single task, and each task should be paid 5 items together. After the completion of the to send screenshots to "staff". And guide her to buy $120 worth of ladies handbags. When she bought 5 items in a single task, apply for refund to "staff", the other party say they photographed 20 after single to settlement. At the same time sent her a piece of the failed "did not complete the task" rebates system screenshots. Screenshots in the list, there are many part-time workers won the highest 500000 commission.
After finished 8 single, she realized that wrong, hope to be able to return first part of the principal and the commission, was rejected.
After several times asked, she told each other, if you don't respond, 5 minutes after the alarm. "Staff" finally on QQ reply said: "now you call the police". Then cheat delete his QQ friends.
Realize deception can prevent swindled. In recent days, the morning paper continues to disclosure of related technique, network fraud and called for the wide audience friends through the morning news hotline 85777777, official weibo WeChat contact the morning paper, appearing.