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Wuhan metro line 5, plan to start next year Is expected to be completed by the end of 2021

Date: 2015-10-30

The reporter learns yesterday, line 5, plan to start next year, completed by the end of 2021. Line 5, in the third phase of construction planning of the second phase began to single design bidding.
Line 5, 33.57 km, completed a total station 25 seats: south third ring road station, baisha five road, baisha 2 stations, jiang GuoLu stand, Jiang Cheng road station, jiangmin road station, Wu Jindi GongLuZhan, behind fuxing road station, Peng Liu Yang station, a door, product jade bridge station, new life, SanJiao Road stand, the xu tent, Yang Yuan stand, over head stand, science park, construction of 2 stations, peace park station, red steel town station, building ten way station, city industrial park station, station, unity avenue station of wisco, wuhan railway station. Among them, the second phase is from south third ring road station ~ behind fuxing road station, including the six south third ring road station ~ jiangmin road stop were elevated station.
Line 5, a total of 11 transfer station, the south third ring road station and long-term planning, 15 line transfer; White sands 2 stations and forward planning 12 line transfer; Wu Jindi GongLuZhan and forward planning 11 line transfer; Changfu promotes station and operation of line 4 transfer; Department of the door station and line 13 transfer; Product jade bridge and operation of no. 2 line transfer; The xu tent station and line 7, 8 under construction line transfer; Over the first station line 10 transfer and forward planning; Science park and forward planning 12 line transfer; Peace park station and forward planning 20th line transfer; Wuhan railway station and operating line 4 line 10, 20, transfer, forward planning. (reporter tao that its)